Tyrese Is Proud of Taraji P. Henson: She Didn’t Sleep Her Way to the Top!

tyrese-proud of taraji p henson-the jasmine brand

Tyrese is beyond proud of Taraji P. Henson’s latest gig on the new Fox series, Empire. Throughout the years, the two (Tyrese and Taraji) have remained close since their days on Baby Boy. Tyrese recently shared just how excited he is about Taraji’s accomplishments and journey in Hollywood. He wrote on Instagram:

We started our journey together – I got my ears to the streets – she’s winning…. She’s being celebrated in a new capacity, and there’s no one in the WORLD more proud….. It’s good to see GOOD people who haven’t slept around to get there MAKE IT in this town called Hollywood…. If you ladies need someone to look up to…….