(EXCLUSIVE) Teddy Riley Demands $1.9 Million Lawsuit Accusing Him of Fraud Be Thrown Out!

TRE claims Riley screwed out buyers a total of $326,480, which was paid to him in exchange for fraudulent accounts receivables. They say because of Riley’s actions, they have suffered cruel and unjust hardship due to buyers on their website being screwed over. They filed suit demanding $1.9 million dollars from Riley.

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On March 4th, Riley fired back at the allegations he committed fraud and screwed out investors.

The music producer claimed the investment website has NO proof that they were harmed by any of his sales through their site. Further, he says that everything he did on the marketplace was legal and no fraud was committed on his part at all.

Riley says all the investment moves he made were seen by the company and nothing was hidden and no conspiracy occurred. He says they cannot sue him especially since they lost no money out of the deals but that would be the people who invested with him.

He is demanding the $1.9 million lawsuit be dismissed and the company awarded nothing.

Music producer Teddy Riley – Demands 1.9 Million Lawsuit Accusing Him of Fraud Be Thrown Out