Kelly Rowland’s Son Helps Her Cope With Mother’s Death: I haven’t had time to grieve. [VIDEO]

Rowland also touched on how helpful her family and friends have been in her transition to motherhood, and how she still fits in quality time with her day ones, Beyonce Knowles Carter and Michelle Williams. When asked what a night out with the girls (Michelle and Beyonce) is like, she explains:

I don’t want to describe those, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s way too much fun. But we have a really, really good time together. Just the other day we were able to sit down and just have lunch together and just chill and that always feels good. You know what I mean? Titan’s screaming. Blue’s probably climbing something. Like, I am so happy that I have the girls as such a great support system.

She adds:

They are the greatest support system; them and my husband’s family and Angie and Solange. I’m just very blessed.

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On her mother’s passing:


On her sisterhood with Beyonce, Solange, Michelle Williams: