(EXCLUSIVE) CNN to Beverly Johnson’s Ex – You Have a Violent Criminal Past, Demand $19 Mill Lawsuit Be Dismissed!

Burk said he called Cosby’s lawyer later that day and explained he felt that CNN was aggressive and leading him into telling them Beverly had told him about the alleged incident with Cosby, including the allegations of drugging. He said he told the reporter she never mentioned to him anything and always spoke highly of Cosby.

The man says that following the letter that Cosby’s lawyer fired off to CNN, the response the news network gave to the letter defamed him by painting him out to be a criminal which was willfully and reckless.

He says they knew what they said in the letter was untrue and acted with malice. Burk explains that the criminal allegations they state never turned into convictions and they had no proof that he ever committed the crimes. He filed suit demanding 19 million for the damage they did to his good name

Then on March 19th, CNN fired back at Burk’s legal battle saying he does have a history of domestic violence that is well documented and his lawsuit is a bunch of BS. The cable news network explains that their article was fair and true reporting and the statements about Burk’s domestic violence-related restraining orders and 2 convictions for violent conduct were all accurate.

CNN says Burk’s claim they defamed him by saying he had a criminal past is nonsense due to a basic record search in Los Angeles Court, showing that he had multiple TRO’s slapped against him by Beverly Johnson, in which the model claimed he threatened to kill her numerous occasions.

They are demanding his $19 million dollar lawsuit be dismissed and Burk not be awarded. See the court docs.

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