Romeo Miller’s Received Hate Mail For Being In Relationship With Caucasian Woman: I’ve dated women as black as Akon! [VIDEO]

Romeo Miller Received Hate Mail For Being In Relationship With White Girlfriend Toneata Morgan-the jasmine brand

When Romeo Miller started posting pictures online of himself with his Caucasian girlfriend Toneata Morgan, he received a lot of negative comments for being in an interracial relationship. During a recent interview on The Meredith Vieira Show, the actor of the famous rapper Master P, talks about how surprised he was about some of the backlash:

romeo miller-criticized for white girlfriend Toneata Morgan-the jasmine brand

It’s crazy to think in 2015, when I start posting pictures of me and my girl, obviously I’m black, she’s white, you know I didn’t think that would be a problem. A lot of hate mail and hate comments was on there — Why are you with this girl? ‘She’s only with you because of

romeo miller-interracial relationship with caucasian girlfriend-the jasmine brand