Romeo Miller’s Received Hate Mail For Being In Relationship With Caucasian Woman: I’ve dated women as black as Akon! [VIDEO]

this’. And it’s just sad because if anybody know me, and all the girls that I’ve dated, I’ve dated girls as black as Akon as white as Casper, it don’t matter. It’s all about the heart. And in this time and place, she’s the one that captured my heart. She can be blue, green or yellow.

Romeo Miller Received Hate Mail For Being In Relationship With White Girlfriend Toneata Morgan-meredith vierra-the jasmine brand

Romeo also opens up about being Catfished, during Myspace days and why he thinks his family is the real-life EMPIRE.

See the clips.

Romeo On His Interracial Relationship


Romeo Was Catfished?!

Romeo’s Family Is The Real Life “Empire”

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