(EXCLUSIVE) Flo Rida Reaches Confidential Child Support Settlement With Baby Mama, Despite Claiming Child Wasn’t His For Months

Flo Rida fired back at the lawsuit demanding a DNA test, because he didn’t believe the child was his and only wanted to pay support if the tests proved he fathered the baby. Natasha explained in court docs that she had sex with the rapper numerous times and he was the only possibly father to her child.

Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams

Natasha also claimed that while Flo didn’t want to pay support for their kid, he did offer to pay all costs for the abortion he demanded she get. The video vixen accused Flo of trying to harass her in court and claiming he didn’t father the child when he knew all along they had unprotected sex many times.

The DNA test came back months later and proved that Flo was indeed the father. A hearing was set where the judge was to determine how much support Natasha was going to receive from Flo, but right before they were set to go to court, the two reached a private settlement outside of court and the case was closed on April 27th. See the exclusive court docs.

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