Singer Monica Talks Fallout With Ciara: She & I did have a disagreement. [VIDEO]

Monica Talks Fallout with Ciara-the jasmine brand

Grammy award-winning singer, mother and wife of NBA player Shannon Brown, Monica visited Streetz 94.5 Jazzy Mcbee radio show to discuss her eighth studio album “Code Red,” her fallout with Ciara and her future as an actress. “Code Red” is slated for release this fall and the first single Just Right For Me features Lil Wayne, and is produced by Polow Da Don. Monica also say’s the record is a way for her to bridge the gap between her older fan base and new fan base.

I believe there is somebody for everybody. I believe there is no perfect person. You have to find somebody who’s flaws are flaws you can live with, and your flaws are flaws they can live with too. Like my husband is prompted and I’m always late. But he can live with it.

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When the topic of her rumored fall-out with Ciara came up, Monica was very transparent.

We were very close. My brother and her were childhood friends. I looked at her like a sister. At the end of the day, I don’t know how all these different stories got misconstrued and put out. I’ve read all kind of stuff that is absolute not true. She and I did have a disagreement. We both had issues with each other. When you have been friends for a long time, almost two decades, and you let things fester and you don’t talk about them. It can cause a breakdown that other people may not understand.


Authored by: TJB Writer