Singer Monica Talks Fallout With Ciara: She & I did have a disagreement. [VIDEO]

Monica, Ciara

Monica, Ciara

She continued:

I love her. I’m not going to build somebody up to break them down not matter what has taken place. And If I ever I did anything that hurt or bothered her it was never intentional because my love is always from a sincere place. I read something about I didn’t tell her about somebody cheating. None of that stuff is true. They say I was friends with somebody he cheated with, none of that is true. I am friends with one of the mother of one of Future’s children. But it’s the mom you never see, you never hear, and that Ciara also has a good relationship with. So a lot of the stuff you read is very untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him. We just should have spoken about different issues before it got to the point that it did. But for me the love is always going to be the same. The support is always the same. When I went in the store I didn’t buy a copy, I bought the rack. That’s what I’ve always done, though. Since the very first album because the Ciara I met was not an artist. So I love her from a place far beyond the media or the mess. But I can tell you that none of the stuff is true. You can look at me and tell I’m not the friend that going to know something and not let you know. So all that stuff is untrue and it hurt a little bit when her fans were on my page saying you’re this, you’re that. Because I knew it had no truth. It hurt a little bit, but you get up and you get over it. I know everything I did and everything we shared. It’s not to say that it may never come to that again. So I stand on the sideline. I pray and I push. You push the people you love, you lift them up, you don’t bring them down. That’s just how I roll. How anybody else feels I can’t tell you, but I can tell you everything you read is untrue.

Monica also shared her plans for acting, stating what an ideal role for her looks like:

I always get called for the same roles. The sister girl, home girl, girl around the way. I would love to be in a good horror film. I also like the show POWER. I want to play something opposite of my everyday life.

See the full interview below.

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