Ouch! Azealia Banks Arrested For Biting Boob, Spitting In Woman’s Face

Azealia Banks Wants Black Media to stop covering her-the jasmine brand

Azealia Banks has found herself in some legal drama, yet again. On Tuesday night, the controversial rapper was jailed for allegedly biting a female nightclub bouncer in the boob. Allegedly, the incident was sparked when the bouncer didn’t recognize Banks. According to TMZ,

Azealia was at Up&Down nightclub when she tried to get into a party but didn’t have an entry stamp. According to witnesses who spoke with the NY Post, Azealia pitched a fit, swearing and using racial slurs. The manager decided to let Azealia in, but she wasn’t done … she started berating the bouncer for not knowing she was on Rihanna’s latest album.


Authored by: Kellie Williams