K.Michelle Releases New Video, “Mindful” [WATCH]



This week, singer/reality star K.Michelle premiered her new video for the single, “Mindful.”

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The single is produced by T-Pain and will appear on her third album, “More Issues Than Vogue.” In the video, she showcases and embraces where she’s from which is Memphis, Tennessee. This is the fourth single released from the album.

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On the track, she sings,

I mean for real, I’mma here to win and shit
Your little man got me leavin and buildin, bitch
I mean for real, I probably woulda killed this shit
I mean for real, but do you even feel this shit?
You keep sayin’ you the illest bitch
But I still feel like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
If you was determined to still feel like you was deservin’ to be real
Then you would’ve learned it a long time ago!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.38.31 PM 2

Uh, I prime a ho
I done got into it with all kinda hoes
Think about what you puttin’ on the line, you ho
Probably all your money and time, you ho
You only got six seconds, I’ll Vine a ho
I’mma get mine fa’sho
Ya got one more time, ya ho
So don’t be sorry, be mindful, ho!

See the video below.

Currently, K.Michelle is gearing up for her album’s release and her VH1 special, A Night with K. Michelle, that premieres on Monday, March 21.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams