Jidenna Releases ‘Chief Don’t Run’ [New Music]

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Jidenna has dropped his new single, “Chief Don’t Run”. He debuted the new single during 2016 BET Awards and even rhymes on the track: He raps,

Before the red cups and the backwoods smoke
Me and mom in the shack in the woods, bro
I was sleepin’ on the floor with the oven door open
While I dreamt about the places that I would go
We would go door to door to door all day
We were begging ’em to lay up in the foyer
I was sittin’ with the hookers in a motel hallway
Waiting onna blind audition like it’s Broadway
Now these Madams looking like a fleet of foxes
Rat Pack chief of staff like Sinatra
Eat, drink, swank, nigga that’s the mantra
Betta stand when I speak, nigga, fix your posture

Listen to the track below.

Jidenna has yet announced when his debut album is set to release.

By [email protected]_hip_hop

Authored by: Kellie Williams