(EXCLUSIVE) Smokey Robinson Fires Back At Ex Manager: I don’t owe you anything!

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Smokey Robinson is firing back at allegations he screwed his former talent manager out of money with the musician saying he learned the man was never licensed to be an agent. He is now demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out.

Here’s the latest: On August 22nd, Smokey returned to court and blasted his former talent manager’s lawsuit accusing him of screwing him out of commissions. The singer says his ex-manager was never licensed to be an agent with the California Labor Commission, which is required when procuring work for artists in the State of California.

Smokey explains that since this dispute wasn’t presented to the Labor Commission for determination, Podwall cannot file this suit. Further, he points out law that states certain contract disputes involving talent agencies are to be heard before the Labor Commissioner and not Federal Court. The musician is demanding his former talent manager’s entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.

NeYo, Smokey Robinson at the BET Awards

NeYo, Smokey Robinson at the BET Awards

Here’s the backstory: Earlier this year, the musician’s former talent manager, Eric Podwall, filed suit accusing the legendary singer of screwing him out of his 10% commission on numerous deals — this after he revived Smokey’s career after he began managing him.

Podwall explains the 2012 deal the singer signed stated his manager was to be paid 10% commission for his tour and recording earnings, along with all deals created while he was under contract.

The manager takes credit for Smokey’s career being revived after he took him on as a client. He explained he arranged for him to record a string of duets with everyone from Elton John, Steven Tyler, James Taylor and John Legend, which were all featured on his first hit record in four decades, “Smokey & Friends”.

He blasted Smokey for refusing to pay up on the commission he was owed and said before he entered his career the musician was touring “the same casinos and other tired venues”.

Further, he accused Smokey of failing to compensate him for a deal he secured with Global Music Rights over his performance royalties.

Smokey allegedly tried to fire his manager in January without any reason or chance to fix any issues. He filed suit demanding accounting records from Smokey to determine how much he is owed for his work along with compensatory damages.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams