Steve Harvey’s Son-In-Law Allegedly Scams HBCU Out of $300k

Steve Harvey's Son-In-Law Allegedly Scams HBCU Out of $300k

Kareem & Morgan Hawthorne, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s Son-In-Law Allegedly Scams HBCU Out of $300k

Steve Harvey’s son-in-law, Kareem “DJ BruckUp” Hawthrone, is accused of scamming Morehouse & Spelman College alumni out close to $300,000 during their homecoming party. [FYI: Kareem is married to Steve’s step-daughter, Morgan Hawthorne. Morgan’s mother is Steve’s wife, Marjorie]. Bossip reports:

DJ BRUCKUP and his T-12 Entertainment company, in charge of hosting this years party at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, was allegedly charging party goers upwards of $4,000 for VIP packages that were supposed to include sections equipped with couches and bottles, but were greeted with “watered down” cups of liquor and IKEA futons.

BruckUp also promised that patrons would be able to enjoy a night of “partying with the sharks” as the aquarium was to serve as a backdrop but the DJ was allegedly played hits from the early 2000’s from his laptop with a Beats Pill and the venue was pitch black with no light illuminating the fish tanks.

Even crazier, “BruckUp” allegedly left the Aquarium party early and went to another function to celebrate the heist of the century popping bottles with his whole T-12 team.

Many in attendance are threatening to sue if they aren’t reimbursed for false advertisement, but BruckUp has no intentions on returning the almost 300 racks that he collected Joanne the Scammer style. So until Hawthorne addresses the party, SpelHouse is trolling him on social media.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams