Childish Gambino Accused Of Ripping Off “This Is America”, His Management Responds: F**k You & Your Mom

Childish Gambino Accused Of Ripping Off “This Is America”

Childish Gambino‘s “This Is America” started off as a thought-provoking song for the summer, but all of that could change after claims that he may have ripped off a lesser known artist have surfaced. In 2016, a New Jersey rapper by the name of Jase Harley released “American Pharaoh” off his project, ‘Free Pxrn: The Memoir of an American Heathen’.  Fans on social media got ahold of the track and believe Gambino’s “This Is America” not only stole the beat but lifted elements of Harley’s flow from the song as well.

Here’s what Harley had to say about the songs’ similarities:



Fam Rothstein of Glover’s management team Wolf + Rothstein, on the other hand,  isn’t taking the claims lightly and suggests that “This Is America” is actually a year older than Harley’s version.

Rothstein tweets:

The Internet is a place of no consequences. I hate that Toronto Akademiks/every white blogger can say something as gospel and y’all take it. This song is 3 yrs old, and we have pro tools files to prove it. but f*ck you and your moms, and your future fetuses. Stay blessed.

Listen to the two songs below and let us know what you think.

By: Eleven8

Authored by: Eleven8