LHHAtl’s Kirk Frost Debuts Son He Conceived While Cheating On Wife Rasheeda

LHHAtl’s Kirk Frost Debuts Son He Conceived While Cheating On Wife Rasheeda

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans everywhere are definitely shocked and surprised with Kirk Frost’s latest social media post. The reality TV star took to social media to share a very interesting pic. In the sweet picture, Kirk is holding his 18-month-old son Kannon along with is 23-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Kelsie Frost, who holds up the peace sign. He captioned the photo,


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The photo caused quite the commentary between his followers. One follower left a supportive comment under the photo saying,

@frost117 your a great guy and father continue doing your thing

Another follower left words of encouragement writing,

Good Choice Stay Blessed & Prosperous, you Don’t need any bad Karma the kid’s have no choice in THIS.. I respect you King no matter in which way you decided.

However, one follower left a comment under the post regarding (June 25) episode of LHHATL and complimented his daughter.

Should be so proud at the maturity of your daughter!! Made me cry when I saw her brother run up to her right away, he already knew. Tough overall situation, but have to deal with the cards dealt.

Rasheeda: I'm not paying child support to Kirk's mistress!

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda

During season six of LHHATL, one the major storylines was seeing Kirk and wife Rasheeda dealing with infidelity issues. The couple fought over whether he fathered Kannon with Jasmine Washington, a woman he met at the strip club.

Jasmine Washington

He took a paternity test during the sixth season, however, Kirk denied that he was father of baby Kannon. Earlier this season, Kirk revealed that he indeed is the father of Jasmine’s son. The photo comes a day after latest episode of LHHATL premiered (June 25). On the episode, Kelsie confronted her father and informed him that she paid a visit to meet her baby brother. She said,

Kannon is adorable.

Kirk responded saying,

All my kids look good.

During his confessional he explained,

I guess I should have realized that one day my kids would want to meet their brother. And honestly having Kelsie as a go-between makes things smoother.

Kelsie then went on to confront him about not being there for her baby brother.

He’s growing every day. If you are going to be in his life don’t half ass it because you’re going to miss moments and you’re going to regret it. I think it’s time for you to see him. 

Ultimately, Kirk went to visit Kannon.

What are your thoughts on Kirk reuniting with his son?

By: Kina Lenee Gladney


Authored by: TJB Writer