Drake Responds To Kanye w/ Subtle Demon Emoji Shade?

Drake, Kanye West

Drake Responding To Kanye West w/ Subtle Demon Emoji Shade?

The rumored bad blood between Drake and Kanye West doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. On Wednesday, Kanye West went back to his hometown of Chicago and gave local radio station, WGCI, a candid interview in which he touched on the origin of his issues with Drake.  In the interview, Kanye says that Drake was upset with him over a beat and instead of talking it out, hit his phone with emojis that may have foreshadowed the war that was to come. Kanye tells the morning show:

It hits me in a really sensitive place. Because you hang around people and they come to your house and be around your family and this and that, and then they get mad about a beat and then send you purple demon emojis.

The interview quickly went viral so it’s not unlikely that Drake saw it for himself. If so, it would probably explain a photo Drake posted later that day.  Hours after Kanye’s interview, Drake posted a photo of himself looking coldly into the camera. He gave the photo a simple caption — a purple demon and a laughing emoji. Was this another shot at Yeezy?

It quite possibly could be. Just over a week ago, Drake took shots at Kanye while performing in Chicago. The 6 God reminded Kanye and his fans that Kanye’s latest album, “Ye”, flopped on the charts.

Do you think this beef will end any time soon?

Authored by: Eleven8