EXCLUSIVE: Houston Rapper Speaks Out After Claiming Just Brittany  Had Sex w/ T.I., Drake, Rick Ross & Birdman + Accuses Brittany of Stealing One of Her Songs

EXCLUSIVE: Houston Rapper Speaks Out After Claiming Just Brittany  Had Sex w/ With T.I., Drake, Rick Ross & Birdman + Accuses Brittany of Stealing One of Her Songs

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Houston rapper Nessacary, explains the beef brewing between her and rapper/reality star Just Brittany. 

Here’s the latest: This week, Nessacary sent a direct shot to Brittany with a new diss track. Brittany, who’s spent a great part of her career working the ladder of the music industry, has worked with big names such as Birdman, Rick Ross, and most recently, Stevie J. While Brittany has affirmed these said relationships are strictly business, Nessacary is spitting a different rhyme.

Over the weekend, Nessacary released a diss track titled “JUST BROKEney,” sampling one of the most iconic diss tracks of all time, Tupac’s “Hit Em Up.” Nessacary begins the video with a soundbite from the past season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, in which Brittany is heard saying she did NOT sleep her way to holding a position in the industry. As Nessacary rocks a blonde bombshell colored hairdo, she rhymes over the twisted beat.

“First off, this bitch saying she ain’t fuck to the top / Hold up, that’s where ima have you stop / Brittany will do anything for a picture / Just to prove to Instagram she was with ya.”

As she opens the track, she continues by naming the men Brittany has allegedly slept with.

So if you wanna lie and say you ain’t fu*kin for fame / Come on now I’m about to name names / See back at High Rollers when this bitch used to strip, went to Hotel Derek and let T.I. hit.

She also accuses Brittany of doing drugs and sleeping with Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Birdman, Lil’ Wayne, and Drake.

“Swear this crackhead be snorting the blow / Forgot she fucked Chris Brown right after his show / Didn’t you f*ck Rick Ross just to get on signed / Bet you didn’t tell him that song you rapped was mine”

Back in 2007, Brittany, then 18-years-old, was arrested along with Birdman and 14 others when the Cash Money frontman’s RV was pulled over by police officers in Tennessee and marijuana and weapons were confiscated. At the time, Brittany’s career in music had not taken off yet and it was rumored she was in a relationship with Birdman.

Nessacary brings forth some questionable accusations and with Just Brittany still riding the wave of her latest release, viewers of the video are curious to her response. Brittany sent a subliminal meme on Monday via her Instagram. The meme reads,

“I stopped beefing with people when I realized they felt important being my enemy.”

Sources tell us that the beef seems to stem from an issue Brittany has with Nessacary’s friendship with ex-boyfriend and fellow Houston rapper, Z-Ro. Back in 2017, Just Brittany accused the Houston rap legend of beating her, having him arrested. Brittany reportedly recorded audio of the incident. However, a grand jury did not indict Z-Ro on felony assault charges.  We’re told that the accusations played a huge role in how the city of Houston began to view Just Brittany, with many fans abandoning her. Nessacary, a friend of Z-Ro’s, went on to continue working with him. In a freestyle to Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams,” Nessacary took a page out of Minaj’s book and penned a fictional rendezvous with the Houston rapper that did not sit well with Brittany.

“I call up Trae and Z-Ro, they go to war for the p*ssy, tried to beat my p*ssy up like they said he did Brittany”

Just Brittany responded with a Barbie Dreams freestyle of her own, throwing shots at Nessacary and Z-Ro.

How the f*ck you looking for a handout but barely have none? In due time, these bitches will see. She can’t be 10 toes down because she only got three. Hoes apologetic when that gun in front of them. Only Z-Ro I’m worried about keep a one in front of them.

Nessacary tells us exclusively that this verse prompted Just Brokeny.

“She called me out on the end of the song, talking about ‘now go write a little song about me,’ So, I did.”

As for reports that she and Just Brittany were best friends before the fallout, Nessacary says that it is not true. In fact, the two artists were working on a collaborative project years ago and began building a friendship but they were nothing more than just cordial.

Brittany has recently released an EP titled “I’m Not A Rapper,” where she delivers fresh bite-sized songs over catchy and flirty beats. While she claims she is still signed to MMG, the EP was released under her own LLC.

Authored by: Kellie Williams