City Girls Rapper Apologizes For Homophobic Remarks, Tweets of Her Making Fun of Blue Ivy Resurface

JT, Yung Miami

Yung Miami Apologizes For Homophobic Remarks, Tweets of Her Poking Fun of Blue Ivy Resurface

“Resha, do you love gays? Are you riding? Do you really prefer North over Blue Ivy?” This seems like a fitting remix because the social media world is in their feelings over controversial tweets from the City Girls that have resurfaced. Fans are slamming and threatening to cancel JT (Jatavia) and Yung Miami (Caresha) over homophobic, racist, and anti-Blue Ivy Carter tweets that are up to 8 years old. One of JT’s anti-gay tweets read:

“So who we blame for you being a f*g?!”

One of Yung Miami’s tweets making fun of the beloved daughter of Jay Z and Beyoncé read:

“Blue don’t stand a chance next to North sorry blue”

Yung Miami is also coming under fire for homophobia.  Screenshots of the rapper’s old tweets, including one where she says she hopes her young son doesn’t grow up to be gay, have also been uncovered. She said:

“Boy Oh Boy If I Ever See Any Type Of Gay Sh*t In My Son Imma Beat That Bo [sic] So Baddd!!!”

What’s worse is that she was even recently captured replying to an Instagram user defending her old tweet. She said:

“I didn’t diss gays me personally I wouldn’t want my son to be gay! Idk what’s so disappointing about that.”


Amid the controversy, Yung Miami has completely deleted her Twitter account. However, she’s apparently turned over a new leaf after seeing how upsetting the tweets were for some of her lesbian and gay fans. She issued a heartfelt apology with an Instagram post that reads:

“As of recently, there is an older tweet that has been going viral on me speaking on how I prefer that my son be heterosexual rather than being gay. I understand how it can be seen as offensive to the LGBTQ community. I also realize how insensitive my comments were to my fans and followers. I want everyone to understand that I personally didn’t mean any harm by saying those comments about my son’s sexuality. My deepest apologies and heart goes out those who have seen that tweet and were offended by that. The City Girls appreciate all of their support no matter what their sexuality is. Those comments I made about Haitians I was wrong and immature to ever let my opinion about an individual person be my opinion about an entire culture.

I understand that my comments were insensitive and have offended communities of people that I love. I love all my City Boys and City Girls. PERIOD

Sincerely, Yung Miami”

Her caption echoed the same sentiments. She said:

“@yungmiami305 To everyone I may have offended I apologize. We are all one we are all equal I LOVE EVERYBODY Let’s move on I’m older & wiser now let’s focus on the future and leave the past behind us! Thank you”

As for her comments about Blue Ivy – she hasn’t apologized yet, but Yung Miami represented The City Girls during DJ Khaled’s slot at the Miami stop of the “On the Run II Tour.” She posted a photo of she and her son headed to the show with the following caption:

“@youngmiami305 #OTR2 TOUR”


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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams