Judge Says Bill Cosby Will Serve 1 to 4 Years In Prison

Prosecutors Requested Cosby Serve Up To 10 Years In Prison

The day has finally come. As scheduled, Bill Cosby began the sentencing trial after being convicted for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. After Constand gave her final statement on Monday, prosecutors requested the “American Dad” be sentenced to at least five to 10 years, on his one count felony aggravated indecent assault.

Bill Cosby

As hopes were set high for a maximum sentence by some, Judge Steven T. O’Neil stated Monday due to state laws, the actor will only be sentenced to one count, forcing him to serve between one and four years. With an official ruling set for Tuesday, the DA’s office has argued why they believe he should receive the full 10 years. Claiming Cosby has shown “no remorse,” for his actions during the carrying out of the trial. On Tuesday, Judge O’Neil will also be determined whether the husband will have to register as a sex offender and/or classified as a “sexually violent predator.” Steele also added,

He seemingly doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. We know who this guy is – certaintly not the act he played on TV.

In her statement, Constand came forward to give their last few words before the ruling. The former Temple University employee requested,

I have testified, I have given you my victim impact statement. You heard me, the jury heard me and Mr. Cosby heard me. All I’m asking for is justice as the court sees fit.

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Bill Cosby

With suspicion the 81-year-old might strike again, per the statements from a psychologist representing Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, due to his consistent and aggressive behavior after almost 60 other women have came forward, accusing Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Cosby’s lawyer, Joseph Green, questioned

What does an 81-year-old man do in prison? How does he fight off the people who are trying to extort him, or walk to the mess hall?

Although Cosby’s wife since 1964, Camille Cosby, was NOT present in court on Monday, she recently requested her husband’s sentencing be dismissed due to him not receiving a fair trial. She accused Judge O’Neil of “withholding pertinent information” regarding a testimony by DA Bruce Castor.

Her statement reads,

Bill Cosby was not afforded an impartial judge and he did not receive a fair trial. Instead, my husband was forced to go to trial before a judge, Steven T. O’Neill, who had a bitter, longstanding feud with one of the key witnesses in the case, Bruce Castor, the former District Attorney for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Castor testified under oath that when he was D.A. in 2006, he made a binding decision that because the evidence was weak, Mr. Cosby would never be prosecuted in this case, and that as a result of that decision, Mr. Cosby no longer had the right to remain silent and would be required to give a deposition in a civil lawsuit.

Cosby is currently out of jail on a $1 million bail and is serving house arrest at his Philadelphia mansion. He also did not give a final testimony in court on Monday, and is expected to be back in court on Tuesday to await his hearing.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams