Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Announced

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Announced

Although Amy Winehouse’s life was taken in 2011, fans will be able to relieve the singer’s music in 2019. Reports have been released stating the six time Grammy Award winner will be taking the stage and going on tour in holographic form. The tour is being developed by BASE Hologram, a Los Angeles based company that uses holographic technology to produce live entertainment tours and attractions around the world. The tour’s set-list is slated to include “Back to Black,” “Rehab,” Valerie,” while also including a live band, singers, and a “theatrical stagecraft.” Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, shared the news in a tweet last week.

Our family is delighted to be teaming up with @BASEhologram to continue celebrating the life and work of Amy, with all proceeds of the tour, starting in late 2019, going to Amy’s Foundation to help even more young people in her name.

With a kickoff date for late 2019, potential concert attendees have been informed the money for tickets will be directed towards the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse in younger generations.

Amy passed away due to alcohol intoxication in 2011.

Authored by: Andre Palmer