Singer Tiffany Evans Reveals Ex-Husband Was Abusive

Singer Tiffany Evans Reveals Ex-Husband Was AbusiveSinger Tiffany Evans Reveals Ex-Husband Was Abusive

“Promise Ring” singer Tiffany Evans married Lorenzo Henderson in 2010 when she was just 18 years old. They have two daughters together but in 2018 they split up. The two allegedly met while Lorenzo was a backup dancer for Ciara, who Tiffany worked with musically.

A few years ago, Tiffany put her then-husband on blast on social media for cheating on her.

Now she reveals that he was also physically abusive.

In a now deleted post on Instagram, Tiffany shared a photo of two holes in her wall. She said,

This is reason #1 I left my ex. What I’m not gonna do is suffer in silence because this man don’t wanna let me go. Yes this is tonight. The black eyes, the busted lips, the countless embarrassments, the cheating, the lying, I’ve endured for years and so much shit on my name because of this man. Somehow I’m still the blame for moving on. NOW the cats out the bag.


Thankfully, Tiffany was able to get out of that situation. Hopefully she can get away from her abuser for good.

Authored by: Eleven8