Future Continues To Shade Wendy Williams

Future Continues To Shade Wendy Williams

It’s no secret, Future is not a fan of Wendy Williams’ comments about him on her popular talk show. The 35-year-old rapper is often the subject on her ‘Hot Topics’ segment. Most recently, the Dirty Sprite rapper was mentioned when Wendy reported that another woman had come forward, claiming that she was pregnant by him. See a segment of Wendy’s comments below.

Apparently, Future caught wind of Wendy’s remarks and posted a social media message that some suggest is a dig at the host.

This isn’t the first time that Future has responded to Wendy on social media. Earlier this month, he called her out after Wendy discussed Future’s latest baby with dancer/choreographer Joie Chavis and the twisted web of drama that came with it — including Future’s  four other baby mamas and him allegedly dumping Joie earlier this year to get back with Brittni Mealy, who is baby mama #3. Wendy ended her segment by saying:

You’re thirsty, Future. Where are your condoms? 

Future apparently caught wind of Wendy’s segment and wrote on social media:

Thank God I’m richer than Wendy Williams.

Future’s post sparked a debate on social media, after several people took to Twitter to Google Future and Wendy’s net worth. In doing so, they discovered CelebrityNetWorth.com had Wendy bringing in double what Future does.

Whether those numbers are accurate or not is still up for debate. However, Wendy has yet to respond to Future’s latest subliminal digs at her.

Authored by: Kellie Williams