D.Wade’s Baby Mama Aja Métoyer Accused of Shading Gabrielle Union In Pregnancy Post, Former “Basketball Wives” Star Responds

Dwyane Wade, Aja Métoyer

D.Wade’s Baby Mama Aja Métoyer Accused of Shading Gabrielle Union In Pregnancy Post, Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Responds

Former Basketball Wives cast member Aja Métoyer is speaking out after receiving criticism for sharing a photo which was expressive to a woman having a c-section. A c-section is a type of child delivery method where an Obstetrician slices open a woman’s lower half of her stomach in order to deliver a baby.

In the image, a woman’s stomach where it has been previously cut, was shown with text which read,

Shout out to every woman who made the sacrifice. You are appreciated.

Métoyer captioned the image,

Mr. xavier wade

Xavier Wade, 5, is the son to Dwyane Wade and was conceived with Métoyer while he was separated from his wife Gabrielle Union. Once the post began to gain traction, the public began to react, labeling the it as distasteful and shady towards Union, who’s discussed her fertility issues; specifically detailing how she overcame nine miscarriages.

Some users weighed in,

These on break baby moms. Just collect ya checks in silence

If there was no shade, why insert? Please stay on the sideline.

This is mean spirited and immature. I gave birth via c-section, but I would never throw subliminal shade at someone who can’t. Disgusting!

This post is the epitome of money doesn’t buy you happiness..

Métoyer responded to critics sharing,

This post is actually the epitome of how negative and evil hearted people are, its also an example of how people view themselves. It’s ludicrous how people can take an innocent post and pervert it into something it was never meant to be..its an example how majority of people opt for a entire negative fictitious evil story instead of a beautiful sweet truth. Its pathetic to think in order to lift somebody up u have to beat somebody down. Its entirely disgusting to see how people throw shade and stones at innocent children. All of you negative people need to get off my page, take a break from Instagram and blogs, and soul search. You all are some really sick evil hearted people. I will never delete this post because i will not be bullied into deleting a post about me on my page. Im standing my ground, you don’t like it stay off the page period! You all made all this up in ur head. You all are obsessive miserable and sick!

Métoyer has since turned off the comments on the post.

Gabrielle & Dwyane w/ newborn daughter

Union and Wade welcomed their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade via surrogate November 2018 (Nov. 8).

Authored by: Andre Palmer