Derrick Rose Apologizes After Telling Critics “Kill Yourself”

Derrick Rose Apologizes After Saying “Kill Yourself” to Critics

Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose made comments during a speedy interview on Monday which has placed him in the hot seat. The 30-year-old NBA star made some controversial remarks when discussing his former coach Tom Thibodeau being fired as a coach and team president from the Minnesota team.In the midst of Rose speaking to his experience of working with Thibodeau, he sent a message to critics who have been shocked by his comeback during this NBA season,

I had a kid at that time, my baby girl. And no teams wasn’t looking for me at all. I was basically out the league. And even coming here, everybody didn’t know I was gonna play this way. Like, [Thibodeau] believed me. I believed in myself. My family believed in me. And my little guy Art believed in me. And we got it done. But like I said, think that I’m not gonna play the same way, kill yourself, because I believe in myself.

Derrick Rose

Rose has responded to his remarks on Twitter Monday (Jan. 7),

I messed up by using the slang term “kill yourself” today in response to a question about whether I can continue to perform without coach Thibs. I did not mean it literally and regret using it so I apologize.

Check out the clip below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer