Eminem Reignites Machine Gun Kelly Feud On Stage At Concert [VIDEO]

Eminem Reignites Machine Gun Kelly Feud On Stage At Concert

Celebrity beef has a way of continuing on regardless of how many years have passed. This is apparently the case for rappers Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, who are currently in the middle of a beef that dates all the way back to 2012. Now, Eminem has ignited the feud once again while on stage at a recent concert.

In case you need some catching up, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly have been public enemies for quite awhile now, stemming from a 2012 tweet from Kelly where he said how “hot” he thought Eminem’s daughter Hailie was. Eminem didn’t appreciate the sentiment and allegedly blackballed Kelly from his Sirius XM station, Shade 45.

What followed was a series of diss tracks from both rappers and the beef continued to escalate with every song. Even though it’s 2019, the beef between the two is far from over, as evidenced by Eminem’s recent Machine Gun Kelly diss while on stage in concert in Brisbane, Australia.

After fans chanted, wanting Eminem to perform his diss track against Kelly, “Killshot,” he responded that he wouldn’t do it…but that didn’t stop him from throwing some parting shots Kelly’s way.

Eminem said of Kelly:

“I would, but I can’t give that cocksucker any more f**king life.”

He continued just before he left the stage, adding:

“Y’all are family. We love you. Brisbane, make it home safe. Make some noise for your f**king selves and make nothing for MGK.”

At press time, Machine Gun Kelly has yet to respond, instead promoting his upcoming Netflix film The Dirt about the career of heavy-metal band Motley Crue, he plays the infamous Tommy Lee.

You can check out the trailer for The Dirt, dropping March 22, BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings