Nick Young Slams Jordyn Woods’ Red Table Talk Interview – Dumbest Sh*t I Ever Seen

NBA’s Nick Young Says Jordyn Woods’ Interview Was The Dumbest Sh*t He’s Ever Seen

You should have just sat there and ate your food! NBA player Nick Young took to social media to share his thoughts of Jordyn Woods‘ interview with actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith’sRed Table Talk.’ During her one-on-one with Pinkett-Smith, Jordyn told her side of the ongoing saga between her and Tristan Thompson.


Woods confessed that she never thought that it was wrong for her to be at Thompson’s home,

“I’m not thinking, I shouldn’t be here…and that’s my first step where I went wrong. And how I would feel, if someone close to me is hanging out at my ex’s house or the father of my child, I wouldn’t, I didn’t, think about that. That’s the first part of the problem. The first step is, I should have gone home after the party. I shouldn’t have even been there.”

She also detailed the morning after, mentioning a unwarranted kiss from Thompson,

“On the way out, he did kiss me. It was just, no passion, no nothing, he just kissed me. It was like a kiss on the lips, no tongue kiss, no making out, nothing. And I don’t think that he’s wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position. And when alcohol is involved, people make dumb moves, people get caught up in the moment.

As the ‘Red Table Talk’ interview went viral, Nick Young shared his thoughts on the kiss between Woods and Thompson. Young placing blame on Woods saying,

“Dumbest shit I ever seen. To sit there and say a kiss just came out of nowhere is weak.”

Young continues, saying Woods should have just kept quiet.

“Dnt even do a red table talk just dnt say nothing and let it blow over. Everybody mess up in life damn !!”

Nick Young, Iggy Azalea circa 2015

As previously reported, Young may need to take his own advice as he and former fiancee, rapper Iggy Azalea, split in 2016 after a video surfaced and was leaked showing Young allegedly bragging about cheating on the rapper.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette