Kevin McCall Emotional Cries – I Miss My Daughters [VIDEO]


Kevin McCall Emotional Cries – I Miss My Daughters [VIDEO]

On Monday, Kevin McCall shared a video of his struggles to have a relationship with both of his two daughters. Over the last year, McCall has opened up about his lack of visitation with his children with Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Eva Marcille, and another daughter from a previous relationship.

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Kevin & Eva circa 2014

Mccall shares his heartfelt plea in a video by saying,

“I don’t want to show weakness. I think it’s strength to admit when you in pain. I miss both my daughters. It hurts incredibly bad.”

Kevin McCall, daughter Marley


Kevin McCall’s olders daughter, Jenesis

He continued,

“Jenesis and Marley if you see this, I am your daddy and I love you and I am looking for you and I cry every morning and I cry every morning for you. Don’t believe nothing you see.”

See the clip below.

As previously reported in 2018, McCall, 33, vented about his mental state being effected because he wasn’t able to see his children while also asking for legal help. The Grammy nominated songwriter sent a warning that his children are being legally kidnapped and that this is his ‘last cry for help’.

“I keep tryna warn y’all about my mental stability as IT pertains to my children being legally kidnapped, they are keeping my children from me and I can’t do anything in court without playing at lease 2,000 bucks to various groups that provide ‘assistance,’ after a while somebody’s gonna just get hurt because my babies are  hurting without me and vice verse… “


McCall was labeled a ‘woman beater‘ after his ex-fiancee and baby mama, Eva Marcille’s interview with Iyanla Vanzant. Marcille alleges McCall kicked down several doors in their home and chased her around their home, trying to take their then, 2-month-old daughter, Marley. She also claimed he threatened to punch her.

McCall later denied all allegations on social media,

“Please come clean for the world today. I’m begging you to tell truth… We can do the court sh*t too but way wast anymore time and money than you already have Queen. Knocc this sh*t offman I’m done with this’Game’ my baby damn near 5 years old, what is wrong with you?”

Check out a clip from McCall’s interview with Iyana on ‘Fix My Life.’

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Authored by: Gregory Molette