Nia Riley Details Soulja Boy’s Alleged Abuse: “It Was Pretty Bad. I’m Not About To Post Pictures Of Black Eyes On The Internet.”


Nia Riley, Soulja Boy

Nia Riley Details Soulja Boy’s Alleged Abuse: “It Was Pretty Bad. I’m Not About To Post Pictures Of Black Eyes On The Internet.”

In a recent interview, ex-girlfriend of rapper Soulja Boy, Nia Riley spoke about her roller-coast relationship with the ‘Best Comeback of 2018‘ artist. Riley touched on the abuse she suffered during her 10 year relationship with Soulja, her starting to see a different side of Soulja during the filming of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood, and how the rapper seems to fall in love with women for attention.

Nia and Soulja met after the rapper’s fame from “Crank That,” in 2007 which was the rapper first number one single that spent seven weeks as one number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Riley details how things things were different after joining Love and Hip-Hop. Nia say,

“I’ve known him 10 years. We weren’t together the whole 10 years, because everyone thinks, we’re together for 10 years. Like, you’ve been dealing with this in that 10 years. It was like two totally different people. But it was not the same person I originally met.”

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Soulja Boy, Nia Riley

She continues,

“Right after starting Love and Hip-Hop, that’s when I realized, I’m dealing with a whole other person. I mean, not in a mature way, it was like dealing with a, someone totally different.”

During their relationship on Love and Hip-Hop, she felt like she had to hide things from cameras.

“I do know – I wasn’t myself on the show. As far as being open with a lot of things. I felt like, that time in that relationship, I had to, kind of like, hide a lot of things pretty much.”

Nia revisited one episode of the current reality show the couple is featured on, Marriage Bootcamp. During a recent episode, as reported, Soulja became physical with Nia in the aftermath of a late night discussion. Riley shared her thought and how allegedly abusive Soulja has been in the past.

“I’d say it was pretty bad. I’m not about to post pictures of black eyes on the internet. I don’t have to go that far to prove it. I didn’t think they would air that on TV.”

Riley speaks on if she has ever suffered a black-eye from Soulja’s abuse and if she would have been open about his actions, she says,

“Maybe. I still wouldn’t have said anything publicly.”

Nia on agreeing to film for Marriage bootcamp as a couple with Soulja and not take the time to take advice from a traditional relationship therapist,

“Everything has to be for show. Honestly, you think he’s going to do it, without getting a check for it?”

Nia confirms that the couple are no longer together and no longer communicate. She also shares her thoughts on Soulja’s brief fling with Blac Chyna.

“We don’t speak right now. He’s been in 3 relationships since January. Honestly, it’s not, nobody is going to get a treasure out of that. It’s not a prize.”

Nia says he was only with Chyna to piss her off,

“You won’t do these things and use them to get back at me. The least you could’ve did was wait until this show stops airing to do all that bullsh*t you’re doing right now.”

Nia on being cheated on by artist and athletes,

“I feel like, no n*gga, I don’t want you to cheat on me, period. But it’s also like, yeah, you’re a rapper or athlete, b*tches are coming for you. That’s what they do. Especially, you’re on TV or whatever you’re doing, that’s what they want, attention.”

She continues, mentioning she doesn’t welcome the “woman to woman” talk from a side piece,

“I use to say, long as I don’t see that sh*t, it’s none of my business. Don’t come to me as a woman.”

Nia says there is no possible future for the two to ever get back together as she has reached her breaking point in the relationship,

“It’s not working, I don’t know who to blame it on. All the mess, and the things that were shown on the show.”

She ends the interview by mentioning the rapper won’t be able to contact her, she plans on having her number changed by the follow day. [Red Pill Podcast]

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Authored by: Gregory Molette