J. Cole Insists He’s Not Supposed To Have A Grammy: “It would’ve been disastrous for me.”

J. Cole Insists He’s Not Supposed To Have A Grammy: It would’ve been disastrous for me.

The notoriously introverted rapper J. Cole recently went against type and let GQ magazine into his world, resulting in an in-depth interview of the caliber that he rarely ever gives.

Conducted at his home in North Carolina, J. Cole allowed himself to be thoroughly interviewed and also participate in a photo spread, for the April issue of GQ magazine. In the interview, Cole opens up about his career, giving up music in the future, being anti-social, his family and much more.

When asked about his plans to stop doing music, which is a fear many of his fans have, Cole stated:

“I’ve reached a point in my life, where I’m like, ‘How long am I gonna be doing this for?’ I’m starting to realize like, oh s**t—let’s say I stopped this year. I would feel like I missed out on certain experiences, you know? Working with certain artists, being more collaborative, making more friends out of peers, making certain memories that I feel like if I don’t, I’m gonna regret it one day.”

He also opened up about what has become a touchy subject for his fans, and a long-running debate in hip-hop circles—the fact that he has no Grammy awards and only a single nomination for Best New Artist in 2012:

“It would’ve been disastrous for me, because subconsciously it would’ve been sending me a signal of like ‘Okay, I am supposed to be ‘this’ guy.’ But I would’ve been the dude that had that one great album and then fizzled out. I’m not supposed to have a Grammy, you know what I mean? At least not right now, and maybe never. And if that happens, then that’s just how it was supposed to be.”

On the perception that being an introvert means he doesn’t like other artists, Cole responded:

“I’ve been so secluded within myself that people think I don’t like anybody, that I won’t work with anybody.”

J. Cole also opened up about his family life, specifically how becoming a father changed his life for the better:

“For a while, I felt a little weird about it. Like, nah. I felt, ‘Did I miss something?’ ‘Cause I didn’t feel the change that people talk about. And then I figured out what it was, I changed my life in order to get ready to have a family and to have a son. I literally changed my life, where I was living, the things that I was doing. I changed. So because of that, when my son came, I was ready. I already made room.”

You can read out the rest of the interview here, and check out exclusive looks from the photoshoot BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings