Future Hints At New Music W/ Elton John ‘Love Is Love’ [Photo]

Future Hints At New Music With Elton John ‘Love Is Love’

It looks like Future might be teaming up with Elton John for new music. The rapper posted a snapshot of he and John together Sunday. He hinted in the caption that they were working on a project.

“Me and my brother @eltonjohn leaving the studio. Love is Love”

Future has certainly been busy since his latest album, The Wizrd, was released in January.  The Wizrd is his seventh studio album. He and fellow rapper Drake just revealed they are currently working on What A Time To Be Alive 2, after the success of the original, which marked their first joint mixtape together. That mixtape was released in 2015.

Future, Drake



Fans will get to see Future’s journey up close and personal in an upcoming documentary he dished on recently.

“The documentary is all about me. They have been following me for like 7 years. My kids are like 1-year-old. At first it started off like a series, for like 2 years. Then they started following me on another tour. Forgot my first tour but it was like the Purple Rain tour then it was like Summer 16. After that, they said we’ll just make it into something. I haven’t seen it. I seen the clips.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson