LISTEN: Cardi B Drops New Single ‘Press’ W/ Nude Artwork [New Music]

LISTEN: Cardi B Drops New Single ‘Press’

Cardi B has another hit on her hands! The rapper released her latest single “Press” at midnight and it’s already got people buzzing.

In the cover art, fans see a nude Cardi B being held back by men with the song title in one of the most non-discrete areas. She reposted a fan page that announced the song became her fastest-growing song as it reached the Top 100 of U.S. iTunes in 50 minutes.

The official audio also has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

In her first verse she rapped about other women who stay “pressed” about what she’s doing and made it clear she’s unbothered.

B****es be pressed (Pressed)
They knew how I’m coming, real b**** in the flesh (Woo)
Who the f*** she gon’ check? (Who?)
She be talking that s***, talkin’ out of her neck (Brr)
Put blood on her dress (Woo)
B****es be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot (Woah)
Said that you ’bout it, we know that you not
I’ma pull up on b****es as soon as I drop
Bought a new foreign, I might cop a yacht (Skrrt)
B****es in my business, they tryna plot (Woo)
H*es poppin’ s*** like they hot but they not (No)
Just flooded the wrist, the Patek, the watch (Woah)
N***as be flexing, we know what you got
Cardi done had got the game in a knot
F****n’ your n***a, I got him on lock
This go bang bang like I’m choppin’ them chops
VVS chain, I’m in love with the rocks (Woah)
You said you gon’ take it, b****, you got me chopped (Woah)
They throwin’ shade ’cause they see me on top
Tell that b**** to pull up, I’ma send you the drop

She then moves on to the chorus where she raps about not needing any more press.

Press, press, press, press, press
Cardi don’t need more press
Kill ’em all, put them h*es to rest
Walk in, bulletproof vest
Please tell me who she gon’ check
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess
Pop up, guess who, b****?
Pop up, guess who, b****?

She raps in the second verse,

Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered
And a new crib for my daughter
You know a bad b**** gon’ spoil her
Got one in New York, need one in Georgia (Yeah)
New Bentley truck cost a quarter (Quarter)
My money still long like weave (Woo)
P***y still wet like Florida (Woo)
Everyone drop on the floor
She was talkin’ but not anymore (No)
MAC to your face like contour (Brr)
This chopper come straight from Dior
Done with the talkin’, I’m open to violence
Ask anybody, they know I’m about it
Hashtag whip that h*e a**
F*** around, we gon’ start a new challenge (Woo)
I come in this b**** and I’m strapped up and ready
Ridin’ that d*** like I’m Cardi Andretti
F*** at your crib, we don’t go to no ‘telly
I sit on his face whenever I’m ready (Woo)
B**** I’m a freak like Greek (Like Greek)
Got the biggest house on my street (My street)
All you little h*es look cheap (Look cheap)
They suckin’ on my d*** with no teeth

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Authored by: Char Patterson