Lee Daniels Plans To Settle His $210K Debt W/ Damon Dash & His Baby Mamas

Lee Daniels, Damon Dash

Lee Daniels Plans To Settle His $210K Debt W/ Damon Dash & His Baby Mamas

Lee Daniels is making things right with music executive Damon Dash. Daniels has officially reached an agreement with Dash and Dash’s two baby mamas on to divide $210,000 that Daniels will give Dash and the women through payments, according to reports.

Daniels and Dash’s legal issues seemed to end when they reached the settlement after Dash said Daniels made him lose $2 million in producer credits and profits. But Daniels sued in April has he took issue with demands from Dash’s ex-wife, Rachel Roy, who has two daughters with Dash, and Cindy Morales, who has a son with him.

Rachel Roy


Cindy Morales and son, Damon ‘Boogie’ Dash

Apparently, they wanted Daniels to make settlement payments to them instead of Dash because Dash owed them in back child support. Daniels asked a judge step in and decide on who should get what.

New court documents submitted to the Manhattan Supreme Court reveals that Daniels will pay Roy and Morales $27,500 each. He will also give $55,000 to Dash and $100,000 to a loan company Dash is in debt to.

As for the rest of the settlement, it hasn’t been determined on how that will be divided. Donnell Suares, the lawyer for Roy and Morales said,

“The parties are working toward a settlement in which Roy and Morales will get every dollar they are owed.”

Daniels’ lawyer James Sammarato also made a statement and said,

“The complaint makes clear that Daniels has no dog in the fight, and no preference as to whom the settlement payments are made.”

Before they came to an agreement, their private legal issues became public when Dash was spotted confronting Daniels in July 2018.

What do you think about some of the settlement going to the mothers of Damon’s chidlren?

Authored by: Char Patterson