Boston Red Sox Player David Ortiz Released From Hospital After Being Shot In Back

David Ortiz

Boston Red Sox Player David Ortiz Released From Hospital After Being  Shot In Back 

In June, former Boston Red Sox player, David Ortiz, was shot in the back after an alleged hitman was hired. After nearly two months, Ortiz was discharged from a Massachusetts General Hospital, seven weeks after he was shot at a nightclub in his native Dominican Republic, according to reports.

“David Ortiz was released from the hospital yesterday, a source close to the family.”

David Ortiz

As he continues his recovery from the nearly life threatening shooting and a six-hour surgery, Ortiz will undergo rehabilitation during his stay at home with a full time nurses,

“Ortiz will continue his rehabilitation at home, where he will be closely monitored by full-time nurses and will be visited regularly by his personal physician.“

David Ortiz, “Chunky”

As previously reported, prosecutors in the case say Ortiz wasn’t the intended target in the shooting. According to reports, Ortiz was in the mixup of mistaken identity following an alleged drug lord, José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián, 24, to execute a man in connection of his wife’s affair.

In late June, prosecutor Jean Alain Rodriguez Sánchez said their investigation will go on just the same.

“The fact that David Ortiz wasn’t the target doesn’t change anything. The law is the same for everybody.”

Chunky is currently in jail for an unrelated murder charge, prosecutors say he was the one who paid men $8,000 to shoot and kill Ortiz.

David and Tiffany Ortiz

As the former MLB star continues his life after the shooting, his former team released a statement on his recovery,

“We understand that David has been released from MGH. There will be an update on his condition early next week.”

Last month, the man who was hired to take out Ortiz, Victor Gomez shared a video stating that he feared for his life.

“My name is Victor Hugo Gomez…I am making this video because I fear for my life.”

He continued:

“I want to clarify that I have nothing to do with any attempt on the life against Sixto David Fernández. We’re family…I would never do something like this…and least of all [to] David, ‘Big Papi

Get well soon Big Papi! 

Authored by: Gregory Molette