Cam Newton On Panthers 2nd Loss Of The Season: I Have To Do Better [VIDEO]

Cam Newton On Panthers 2nd Loss of Season: I Have To Do Better [VIDEO]

Just two games into the NFL season, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton looked pretty uncomfortable during his press conference following the team’s second straight loss Thursday night (Sept 12th), 20–14 to the Buccaneers. With just under two minutes of play in the fourth, the Panthers were on a fourth-and-one play from the Tampa two-yard line and needing a touchdown to take their first win of the season. During the crucial play, Carolina didn’t even have Newton touch the ball. The Panthers turned the ball over on downs, moving to 0–2 on the 2019 season

Newton, 30, says his surgically repaired shoulder and recently injured foot were not to blame for his poor performance. Newton has completed only 61% of his passes to receivers with 3-plus yards of separation, the second-worst percentage in the NFL and down from his 86% last season, according to ESPN. He says,

“I have to be better. No matter what physical condition I’m in. No matter what, foot, shoulder … I didn’t get the job done, and it’s frustrating. I wish I could say something other than that, but that’s the fact. I’m a brutally honest person with people, and I’m a brutally honest person with myself. And it’s time for me to look myself in the mirror and do some real soul-searching, because I had opportunities tonight and I didn’t get it done.”

He continues,

“It’s time for us to accept responsibility, which I am, and move forward. I say it all the time. Sometimes, you find yourself in a blender, and the only person that can get yourself out is yourself.”

As previously reported, Newton announced just weeks after his shoulder surgery he gave up betting for the remainder of the year to keep his focus on his recovery. Later on in February, Newton gave up eating all meats, and for the month of March, he’s dedicated his comeback to not having sex.

“In March, I hope this is an adult crowd, it looks like it is, no climax. Straight up. I’m going through a transition right now, like, where… I wanted it to be challenging. I’m coming off shoulder surgery.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette