Dennis Rodman: Madonna Said She’d Pay Me $20 Million If I Got Her Pregnant

Dennis Rodman, Madonna

Dennis Rodman: Madonna Said She’d Pay Me $20 Million If I Got Her Pregnant

Dennis Rodman’s romance with Madonna wasn’t necessarily kept on the hush. But the former NBA star is spilling new tea about their relationship, and how far Madonna wanted to go to have a baby.

He first cleared up rumors that he broke up with Madonna because she wanted to get pregnant and he didn’t. He told a bizarre story of one of his attempts to have a child with Madonna Thursday (Sept. 19).

“I tried. I tried over by Central Park. She had a three-story place over there. I was holding the dice in Vegas and she’s in New York. She calls and says, ‘Dennis, you know what? I’m ovulating.’

He said he told the hosts at the gambling table to hold his spot there. Madonna then sent a G5 plane for him to come back to New York. He went back to NYC, hooked up with the “Like A Virgin” singer, and then hopped back on the plane in time to continue his game in Vegas.

“That’s a true story. I was trying to get back to the table.”

Interestingly enough, he said that he helped her with her career back then.

“In 1993, I think her career was declining. She said the reason she dated me was because I was a bad boy. I was going up and she was pretty much leveling off.”

He also revealed that he was disappointed he didn’t get Madonna pregnant because she offered to give him $20 million if he did.

“She [said] if I got her pregnant she would pay me $20 million. That’s if the baby was born.”

Madonna hasn’t responded yet.

Check out Rodman’s comments below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson