MoneyBagg Yo Confirms He’s Dating Ari Fletcher + Posts That He’s ‘Never’ Leaving His Girl

MoneyBagg Yo, Ari Fletcher

MoneyBagg Yo Confirms He’s Dating Ari Fletcher + Posts That He’s ‘Never’ Leaving His Girl

Money BaggYo has confirmed he’s dating Ari Fletcher!

Rumors that they were dating sparked in December after they were seen at his concert in South Carolina together.

The rapper sat down with Hot 97’s TT Torez Wednesday (Jan. 8) and when asked about the rumored relationship he said,

“Yeah, we rockin’.”

He added,

“What you see is what you get.”

When asked about how this relationship will be different than his previous one, Money BaggYo, who was most recently connected to Megan Thee Stallion said,

“I really don’t even be liking to put the media in the business, in the situation like that. Hopefully this situation can just go with the flow.”

He confirmed that his relationship with Megan Thee Stallion “didn’t work out.”

He said of Ari Fletcher,

“Everybody happy. I’m happy, she happy, everybody happy.”

When asked about an ex he was with for years, he said,

“At a point in time, time was served on that. That situation old. It don’t have nothing to do with… They’re trying to drag it… We’re on good terms, all the kids, all the baby mamas good, everybody happy. But they’re gonna try and drag that in a situation and make it something when it’s really not.”

See his comments at the 2:27 mark.

It looks like he and Ari Fletcher will be rocking for a while. He wrote on Instagram Thursday (Jan. 9),

“Ian never leaving my Bih she a dime. Y would I switch out a dime for a penny?!”

And she’s promoting his latest album Time Served. She wrote,

“All 99282729 hours in the studio was worth it, this shit so hard. Proud of you!
1st to hear it @Moneybaggyo 1/10/20″

MoneyBagg Yo, who recently signed with Roc Nation, and Megan Thee Stallion reportedly dated last summer.

Megan Thee Stallion, MoneyBagg Yo

But they seemed to call it quits after he proclaimed his love for his ex and seemed to claim that he and Megan Thee Stallion dated for publicity.

He wrote,

“Was never my b****. rap game fulla smoke & mirrors…it was all publicity…dn’t believe da hype been wit da same b**** 10 years + through da ups & downs b4 the come up…world might not know but the city (Memphis) do… Real rap no cap”

He later said of Megan:

“We’re cool. We’re good. Everything’s good…you gotta stay away from the media. You can’t believe everything on the media- you gotta stay away from that. The stuff they be sayin’ is, like, crazy.”

Interestingly enough, he’s now confirmed that he moved with Ari.

Ari has a child with rapper G Herbo, and previously dated boxer Gervonta Davis. 

G Herbo, Ari Fletcher

Gervonta Davis, Ariana Fletcher

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