Azealia Banks Says Her Neighbor Pulled A Gun On Her In A Racist Attack, Pleads With Fans To Come To Her Home [WATCH]

Azealia Banks Says Her Neighbor Pulled A Gun On Her In A Racist Attack, Pleads With Fans To Come To Her Home [WATCH]

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks recently called on an unlikely group of people when she found herself in distress – her fanbase. The 28-year-old New York native took to her Instagram Story, weeping through an S.O.S. message, claiming that her neighbor brandished a gun. Azealia Banks said she feels its due to her being the only Black woman in the neighborhood. She screamed:

“…this is the second time my neighbor pulled a gun on me…[unintelligible]…I just need people to come here and surround me because he thinks I’m just some random b*tch! I’m at 21801 San Miguel Street! Please just come through! I called the cops and I know the cops are gonna take his side. Just please come to my house! Come to my house right now!…I didn’t call the cops because I’m, like, the only Black girl on this street!”

Again, she posted her home address for all to see:

Once Azealia Banks calmed down, she detailed the incident:

“What kind of man pulls out a gun to intimidate a single woman who lives at home alone ???? F*cking yuck. Just pray I get some sleep this mornin I have a long day tomorrow. Love you all, thanks to everyone who came to check on me and everyone for being super vigilant about this. I’m leaving here tomorrow but felt it was important to make my whereabouts public incase this crazy guy decided on anything strange. I am okay. A bit traumatized but Okay. I love you all. -AB”

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Not only did a few people check on the rapper, footage shows them allegedly partying with Azealia at her home.

A screenshot even showed her twerking with the emergency crew of fans.

This isn’t the first time Azealia Banks has alleged to have been the victim of racial profiling. Last August, she said she was physically assaulted by a woman on a Scandanavian flight.

Was this a cry for help, or normal antics from Azealia Banks? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay