Tyler Perry Is Annoyed With ‘Evil’ People Impersonating Him To Ask For Money: I Hate To Believe People Could Be This Low!

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Is Annoyed With ‘Evil’ People Impersonating Him To Ask For Money: I Hate To Believe People Could Be This Low!

While millions of citizens are without work, due to the coronavirus, there are a few people who are taking desperate measures for money, including impersonating film director, writer, and producer, Tyler Perry. In a video uploaded to Instagram, Tyler Perry informs his viewers on possible scammers posing as him, asking for money.

In the video he says:

Everybody, umm hate to come on and say this, but I’m pretty annoyed and you know people are so wicked, so evil. And to think that they’re setting up all these fake sites asking you to send them money because I’m giving away thousands of dollars is just downright evil, downright wrong. I wish Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter would do a better job of taking some of this stuff down. Especially, at a time like this because no sooner than we report 10, there’s 10 more that are popping up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, especially you know, people who have been supporting me all these years, times are hard; there tight right now. People are really, really struggling.”

He pleaded with his fans to not believe the scam.

“Don’t fall for this, do not fall for this,do not send anybody money thinking that I’m sending money. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT. Those are lies, they’re all fake sites. Listen to me, everything that I’m doing, and I’m doing a lot to help a lot of people, I’m not asking anybody for anything to do that. I think that to whom much is given much is required, so please do not fall for the fake sites. You wanna know what i’m doing? Check out my verified sites, here, this instagram, this facebook,  this twitter [but] don’t fall for the foolishness guys .[I] can’t believe people can be this wicked but they are. I promise you they will reap what they sow so don’t fall for it. PLEASE, PLEASE  do not fall for any of these fake scams saying that I am giving away money and to send something to them, PLEASE.”

Here are pictures of Tyler Perry’s official social media accounts.



Outside of warning the world about scammers, Tyler has also used his social media to advertise his latest shows including BET + Original: “Ruthless”, which premiered on March 19th, a spin-off of hit-show, “The Oval.”

Tyler has also maximized his time with a singing challenge on Instagram, #HesGotTheWholeWorld Challenge, featuring well-known artists including singer Fantasia.

What are you thoughts on scammers pretending to be Tyler Perry?


Authored by: Cierra Jones