Amanda Seales Expresses Her Frustration With Foolish White People: They Will ALWAYS Show Their Ignorant No Class A**es

Amanda Seales Expresses Her Frustration With Ignorant White People: They Will ALWAYS Show Their Ignorant No Class A**es

“The Real” co-host Amanda Seales, who is no stranger to calling it how she sees it, is now calling out “the foolish whites” in her DMs. She writes on social media:

“PSAThese protesters ain’t foolin nobody. #igstorygems The narrative in this country is like SO predictable. You can always count on three things: WiFi will be available seemingly wherever Teddy Riley is not, Southern states will always ignore common sense like not reopening business and beaches (or ending slavery), and wytpipo (not to be confused with people who happen to be wyt) will ALWAYS show their ignorant dim witted no class a**es when it comes to choosing themselves over literally ANYBODY outside of their insipid collective. God bless America (no really, we need You, MLK JR, Malcolm, Dumbledore, errybody up there on it!)”

Amanda Seales


In the video, Amanda Seales also discusses some of the backlash she has gotten from members of the white community about reopening the country, despite the coronavirus pandemic in the United States being far from over. In the video Amanda states,

“I wish y’all could see all the foolish whites in my DMs. Really, you should be talking to the other white people out here who are trying to reopen the country because all of a sudden they’re worried about their rights and not worried about their health. I guess body bags ain’t really like “a thing”. But funnily enough I don’t remember any of them coming out here when COVID-19 was just everybody’s issue. But now this is very much centered as predominantly in the black community, all of a sudden all the white people are like “well then just let us out!” So go talk to them and get out of my DMs.”

Amanda Seales

She appears to be referring to many of the protests occurring across the country, specifically with conservatives, that are not happy with the stay at home orders and social distancing mandates to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. States such as Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have been the sources of the protests.


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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla