Kehlani Accused Of Being Colorist & Claims Kamaiyah ‘Threatened My Life!’ + Kamaiyah Apologizes

Kamaiyah, Kehlani

Kehlani Accused Of Being Colorist & Claims Kamaiyah ‘Threatened My Life!’ + Kamaiyah Apologizes

The beef between two Oakland musicians is still bubbling. As previously reported, rapper Y.G.-affiliated rapper, Kamaiyah, called out former friend/singer Kehlani in an Instagram Live session. She insinuated that Kehlani isn’t “verified” in their Bay Area-hometown.

Kehlani responded with a Twitter threat, shockingly alluding that Kamaiyah threatened her life! Kehlani said:

“i’m STILL not speaking negatively on someone i once cared about…business didn’t work out on a collaborative project, i withdrew and got a “green light” on my family and friends. AND ITS STILL LOVE ON THIS SIDE…reached out countless amounts of times to be adults…still met with internet antics, false rumors that don’t make any sense, and THREATS TO MY LIFE. & me all of a sudden not being from the same city that i was from when we were cool…”


She continued.

Kamaiyah returned to Instagram Live, revealing that Kehlani’s Keyshia Cole-featured single, “All Me,” was originally their song together.

She says that Kehlani scrapped their joint album with colorist insults:

“What our beef stems from is her putting out ‘All Me.’ I never wanted ‘All Me’ to come out…I never used anybody. If I used her, I would’ve put out the version with me on it. I would’ve tried to use that for streams. I never did that. I never even addressed this, you feel me? It was our song. We did a project together. We recorded that in the studio together in the 400 Studio in Las Vegas. So all of this, ‘I’m upset, and I’m trying to use her’- what did I use you for? What did I get out of our friendship? If anything, I was genuine. I loved you. I still considered you. My problem came from the disrespect. It started getting out of hand. It was on some, ‘You’re Black. You’re ghetto. You’re not tasteful.'”

Kamaiyah apologized for threatening the singer:

“I apologize. I’m a woman. I shouldn’t have threatened her or whatever. But rightfully so! You know when you’re upset and you’re angry, things come out the wrong way…but that’s why I was upset about it. I feel like ‘All Me’ shouldn’t have came out if we not doing the project.”

Kehlani addressed this on Twitter as well:

“…to avoid accountability by throwing a last minute lie / shot and say i’m any sort of bigot is just… sheeeeeeeesh…please do not take this bold a** lie and f*ckin run with it…this could really hurt my fans…my daughter…my family members…i respond to a hit on my head with love and i get slandered further…”

Yikes! Whose side are you taking?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay