Kevin Hart Shares Hilarious Story Of A Fan Trying To Take A Photo Without A Mask: I Jumped Back, Whoa!

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Shares Hilarious Story Of A Fan Trying To Take A Photo Without A Mask: I Jumped Back, Whoa!

Now that Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Hart, is pregnant with their second child together during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kevin Hart is taking extra precautions to keep him and his family safe.  Eniko Hart made the announcement that she was expecting baby #2 with the comedian last month.

Kevin Hart, who has two children (a son and daughter) from his previous marriage to ex-wife Torrei Hart, shared a hilarious story on Instagram live about how nervous he was to be around his fans, because of the fear of contacting COVID-19, while he has a pregnant wife at home:

“Now I’m not saying, that this pandemic is getting the best of me because I refuse to let things get the best of me, cuz I’m a positive guy, but I gotta tell ya’ll what happened at the gas station. I got to gas station, I get out to pump gas, people pull up, people saw me, they jump out, ‘Kevin Hart let’s get a picture!’ I jump back, ‘Whoa!’… I said ‘Ya’ll got no mask on or gloves, no nothing? Naw man this ain’t safe!'”

He continued,

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what went down in my mind,  but in my mind, this was the movie contagion, in my mind sh*t was about to go down, and the virus was going to be spread, thats the fucking mindset that this craziness has put me in. I could not have a regular conversation, at the gas station. I could not say normally ‘Hey guys you know what, I don’t really uh feel comfortable you know just with the contact right now cuz I gotta pregnant women at home.’ I could have been very calm about it, I didn’t have none of that. I jumped back ‘Whoa!’ I said those words out my mouth.”

After nearly two years of marital issues, an insider told PEOPLE:

“Their marriage is stronger than ever…They are both thrilled about her being pregnant again.”

A source added that Eniko Hart staying by his side during his recovery after his nearly-fatal accident was a great help to their relationship:

“After the accident, Kevin has balanced his life differently. Instead of being all about work, he spends a lot more family time at home and he really enjoys it. Life is good for Kevin and he appreciates it all.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo