LaLa On Acting: “I Feel Like With Me, I Gotta Be Better Than Most People”

LaLa On Acting: “I Feel Like With Me, I Gotta Be Better Than Most People”

DJ and television personality turned actress, LaLa, recently sat down for an Instagram livestream chat with her good friend and rapper, Fat Joe, where they discussed several topics including LaLa’s friendships, her new acting career, her top 5 female rappers, and more.

Fat Joe began by asking LaLa about her friendships stating,

“When I think of LaLa I say she’s everybody’s best friend.  Kim K, Ciara, I mean the list goes on.”

He asks,

“Have you ever got caught up in the middle, like some caddy [expletive] with the girls?”

LaLa answers,

“No, because I’m a vault, like my thing is I’ll get in the middle if I’m asked to get in the middle and resolve something.  Other than that, everybody’s grown, like I’m here to be a friend and listen to what everybody has going on but I’m not getting in the middle of beef’s and stuff like that.”

Kim Kardashian, LaLa’s longtime best friend enters the livestream chat confirming Joe’s statement.

“She is my best friend,”

Joe reads.

LaLa jumps in to read further what Kim K writes.

“She just said ‘I better not be telling her business.'”

Kim Kardashian

LaLa goes on to mention how she’s not with the drama but can take her of herself if need be.  Joe responds referencing the hit show ‘POWER‘ in which LaLa played the character Lakeisha Grant,

“You trying to say you got hands LaLa?  But yo, LaLa, you wasn’t talking that [expletive] when Tasha pulled out that hammer.”

Since the ending of ‘POWER‘ where LaLa’s character was killed off, she has gone on to act in other projects like the reboot of “Beverly Hills 90210“, called “BH90210“, as well as a role she landed on Lena Waithe’sThe Chi“.

She says,

“Nothing has ever been handed to me.  You get friends and people that put you in position but when you get in those positions you gotta make it happen.”

LaLa continues,

“A lot of us, because we didn’t start in this people are quick to not consider us real actors.”

“I feel like with me, I gotta be better than most people because they’re already looking at me like ‘Oh, that’s LaLa’.”

Cast of POWER

As the two continued the conversation, Joe asks LaLa her top 5 favorite rappers, to which LaLa replied:

“Nas, Jay, Big, Drake, and uh, I’ma have to say Nicki Minaj”

“Oooh, that’s the first female I ever heard in a top 5,”

says Joe.  He then asks,

“So your top 5 females would be?”

LaLa answered.

“Top 5 females would be, in no order, Nicki, Kim, Foxxy, Remi, Cardi,”

Megan Thee Stallion

Female rappers have become a force to be reckoned with, including newer rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.  When Joe asked about the rapper, LaLa says:

“First of all, I love Megan Thee Stallion.  The only reason I didn’t put her there because she’s a little bit on the newer side, but Megan, for what she’s come in and done.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers