O.J. Simpson Isn’t Convinced Protests Are Effective: I Don’t Know If They’re Gonna Work, We’ve Been Doing Them For Years

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson Isn’t Convinced Protests Are Effective: I Don’t Know If They’re Gonna Work, We’ve Been Doing Them For Years


O.J. Simpson has spoken out about the civil unrest after the recent death of George Floyd. In a short Twitter video, the former Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL running back greeted his followers and provided commentary on the protests that have erupted.

He said,

Well, last night was a lot better because most of the legitimate protestors, they were doing sit-ins. I thought the previous nights they were being used by the looters because when they were running around, the looters were using them as smokescreens and the police didn’t know who to go after. Last night was a lot better.

O.J. Simpson went on to compare the current state of police officers to being an average black man every day in America.

I saw a police officer who was ahead of something, some union and he said that it was bad because all police officers in America felt like they had a target on them. That is bad. But you know what? Maybe there is a lesson to be learned there because as far as I know, over the years, all black men, whenever a police car came up behind them or next to them, well, we felt like we had a bullseye on us. So maybe they will use that to maybe better understand how, you know, black guys feel when police cars or officers are approaching them.

Still, the 72-year-old didn’t seem optimistic about whether the protests are effective.

Um, I don’t know if these protests are gonna work. I mean, we’ve been doing them for years. I know the media. They get their scoops from the police, so I don’t really, really count on them. You know what’s going to stop this from happening? It’s policemen! The good policemen’s gotta start reporting the bad policeman. Every TV show you see or movie you see, IA- Internal Affairs, who are the people that investigate the police, police the police, they’re considered bad guys. If one of those guys would have turned in Chauvin and there was no video, you would have been ostracized by the precinct. That is what has to stop. The police have to turn in the bad police. They know who they are. I’m just saying. Take care.

His comments come shortly after explained the passion behind the heated protests that have now taken place in all 50 states.

He said last month,

“I think what you’re seeing is the reaction…the fear that nothing is gonna be done about it. That’s been the case in the past. That’s what led to the riots in L.A. after the Rodney King case was the verdict in Simi Valley. What are you gonna do about it?  You keep saying this has gotta stop. The only time it’s gonna stop is when you start truly holding the perpetrators to account. Start puttin’ ’em in jail. This guy, this cop, evidently, has had 18 complaints and only two disciplinary actions. I guarantee you if you look at those cases he probably deserved more than just two disciplinary actions.

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Written By: @Ahshanti

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta