Yaya Mayweather’s Alleged Stab Victim On Her Recovery: I Could’ve Been Dead! Every Doctor’s Visit Is Bad News

Yaya Mayweather’s Alleged Stab Victim On Her Recovery: I Could’ve Been Dead! Every Doctor’s Visit Is Bad News

Yaya Mayweather, daughter of Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is currently facing major jail time for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend NBA Youngboy’s baby mama Lapattra Lashai Jacobs multiple times after she saw her at the rapper’s home.

LaPattra Lashai Jacobs reportedly needed to have surgery following the incident, which caused Yaya Mayweather to be charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police sources state that Jacobs was at NBA Youngboy’s Houston home when Yaya Mayweather walked in. Yaya then allegedly told Jacobs that she was Youngboy’s fiancée and asked her to leave. The situation allegedly turned physical and Jacobs was stabbed twice, according to reports.

Yaya Mayweather, NBA YoungBoy

Following the incident, Yaya was reportedly arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and could get a maximum of 99 years in prison, on top of a $10,000 fine.

Yaya reportedly retained Kurt Schaffer to represent her, a well-known lawyer who served as the lawyer for Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince

Now, Jacobs has taken to her social media to give an update on her recovery. She wrote,

At this point I’m still hurting, I don’t think nobody can ever change it or make me feel happy again… nobody knows what I went through these past Four months & continuing to go through it, starting from the middle of Mrach & so on, April 3, 2020 I could’ve been dead & gone but I know what I can say is I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TOO BE HERE ON THIS EARTH…

She continued and said she’s been receiving tons of backlash since the incident.

I been getting call all kind of names because I’m not the person you want me to be…

She added,

They keep telling me to be strong but this a situation that’s going to always have me weak. Then my arm and hand still f*ck up no telling when will it get back to normal. EVERY DOCTORS VISIT ITS ALWAYS BADS NEWS like I can’t get enough this is so stressful, depressing etc. ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW! NOT GOING TO SAY MUCH BUT ITS BEEN ROUGH…

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t spoken out publicly about the incident. But there’s speculation that he deleted Iyanna from his Instagram page.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo