Cam Newton Reveals: I’m A Proud Father Of 7!

Cam Newton

Cam Newton Reveals: I’m A Proud Father Of 7!

In a tribute post to fathers around the world, NFL quarterback Cameron “Cam” Newton,31, announced to the world that he is a father of seven.


A DADDY isn’t defined as the man who makes the child (NOT in all instances), but rather a MAN who extends his hands and time to help with the child’s raising and his heart to LOVE the child through anything!! Blood doesn’t always make you [a] DADDY. Being a DAD comes from the heart… ANYBODY CAN MAKE A BABY BUT IT TAKES A REAL MAN TO RAISE A CHILD!! Kudos to ALL THE REAL MEN worldwide!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO US!! JADEN•SHAKIRA•CHOSEN•

Out of Cam Newton’s 7 kids, he shares five of them with his ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor. While together, they had three sons (Chosen, Camidas, and Cashmere), and one daughter, Sovereign-Dior.

Kia Proctor, Cam Newton son Cashmere


Cam Newton, son Chosen

Cam Newton, son Camidas Swain

Cam Newton and Kim Proctor daughter Sovereign Dior Cambella

Cam Newton also took on the parenting role of Kia Proctor’s eldest child, Shakira, 13, whom she had from a previous relationship.

Kia Proctor with daughter Shakira

We previously reported that Newton allegedly had a secret child with model La Reina Shaw, while he was still with Kia Proctor. Newton seemingly confirmed the rumors of his involvement with La Reina Shaw on his Father’s Day post. Amongst the list of kids Newton included as part of his life was Jaden Amarrio, 14, who is La Reina Shaw’s eldest child from a previous relationship.

Newton also revealed the name of their alleged child together, Caesar, who was born in the summertime last year (2019).

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Authored by: Cierra Jones