Michelle Obama Shares Why She Fell In Love With Barack Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Shares Why She Fell In Love With Barack Obama

As one could’ve guessed, former president Barack Obama sat by his wife’s side as her 1st guest in her new venture about relationships, The Michelle Obama Podcast on Spotify.  The former First Lady opened up about one of the reasons she fell in love.

While listeners caught onto the playfulness of the couple, Michelle Obama expressed to her husband,

“One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are guided by the principle that we are each other’s brothers and sisters keepers.”

The Obamas, still regarded as one of America’s favorite couples, engaged in a casual conversation that solidified the relationship Americans only got to witness through press conferences and television for 8 years, during Barack Obamas presidency. He joked,

“It wasn’t just my looks?”

Michelle and Barack Obama

The couple shared stories of how they became involved in the community that evolved into civil service.

In discussing civil rights activists inspiring him to get into community organization, Barack Obama stated,

“I thought, you know, that looks like hard work but it never looks like lonely work.”

The Harvard graduate continued on to say,

“I always say the years I spent organizing, I got more out of it than the people I was supposedly helping.”

See the clip below.

Michelle and Barack Obama have been married since 1992 and share two daughters, college-aged Malia and Sasha Obama. 

Michelle, Sasha, Barack, Malia Obama

Mrs. Obama stated,

“It is much more hopeful, it is much more gratifying, much more effective to live this life as a ‘we’”.

She stated,

“And I think as young people listen to this, as they are starting to shape their paths, I would really strongly encourage them to think about building lives that are self-less.”

Agreeing with his wife, Barack Obama states,

“When you and I think about what’s the inheritance that we would like to leave Malia and Sasha, more than anything what it would be is that they are living in a country that respects everybody and looks after everybody [and] celebrates and sees everybody”.

He concluded,

“Cause we know that if we’re not around, that those girls are in a society like that.”

Michelle Obama, the New York Times best seller of Becoming, added

“When it comes to fathers raising their girls, I do think that the average father today does believe that their girl can be anything she wants to be and they are delivering those messages around the dinner table.”

Mrs. Obama also launched a documentary of the same title, Becoming, on Netflix that shared more insight and background on the former FLOTUS.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers