Michael Jackson’s Cousin Allegedly Auctioning Off His Final IV Drip

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Cousin Allegedly Auctioning Off His Final IV Drip

A woman who’s reportedly Michael Jackson’s cousin is auctioning off what she said is his final IV drip that was used before his 2009 death.

According to TMZ, Marsha Stewart is auctioning the IV setup (which also has the tubing and the bag that was used to give Michael Jackson Propofol). She has gone as far as claiming that it also has a stain from his blood.

She’s alleging that she took it from the mansion in Holmby Hills where Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009. She saw it by his bed and noticed a “white milk fluid”, which fits the description of Propofol, int the bag. The substance has since dissolved in the 11 years that have passed since his death. Marsha Stewart said she took the bag and put it in her purse. She is now selling it via Memorabilia Expert Auctions in Las Vegas and wants to get a minimum of $2,500.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the IV is truly from Michael Jackson’s final days.

Michael Jackson passed away after a fatal dose of Propofol. His doctor, Conrad Murray, was sentenced to four years at Los Angeles County Jail for his involvement.

Michael Jackson’s sisters, Janet Jacksonand LaToya Jackson remembered him on Aug. 29th, which would’ve been his 62nd birthday.

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