Ice Cube Responds “N*gg* Please” To A Manipulated Photo Of Him Wearing A Trump Hat

Trump, Ice Cube

Ice Cube Responds “N*gga Please” To A Manipulated Photo Of Him Wearing A Trump Hat

As people continue to discuss allegations that Ice Cube is endorsing Donald Trump, the N.W.A. rapper turned actor keeps disputing these claims.  The latest incident was a manipulated photo tweeted by Eric Trump of Ice Cube sitting next to 50 Cent wearing hats with “TRUMP” across them.

It’s unclear if the now-deleted tweet was posted in a joking or serious manner but Eric Trump said,

Two great, courageous, Americans!  @icecube @50cent

Ice Cube responded,

N*gga please

The original photo, uploaded by a Twitter user, shows Cube and 50 Cent with a BIG 3 and NY Yankees hat on, respectively.

Ice Cube (born O’shea Jackson) has recently been the center of much backlash over his collaboration with the Trump administration to discuss developing Trump’s “Platinum Plan,” an effort to reportedly help improve the lives of Black Americans.  In his Sep. 25 speech in Atlanta, GA, Trump detailed his intention to roll out his plan, saying in part,

“If you vote Republican over the next four years, we will create 3 million new jobs for the black community, open 500,000 new black-owned businesses, increase access to capital in black communities by 500 billion dollars, build up peaceful and safer urban neighborhoods with the highest standards of –and you know this–of policing. We want the highest standards. We have to have [the] highest standards of policing.”

Cube’s contribution, a 22-page detailed proposal known as the Contract With Black America, was open for discussion with both republican and democratic parties, according to Ice Cube, but it was Trump’s administration who rose to the occasion with a sense of urgency.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers