Beenie Man Speaks Out After Fainting At His Mother’s Funeral: My Heart Broke & I Blacked Out For A Few Minutes

Beenie Man Speaks Out After Fainting At His Mother’s Funeral: My Heart Broke & I Blacked Out For A Few Minutes

Update #2 (Oct. 28th): Beenie Man has broken his silence after alarming footage showed him passed out during his mother’s funeral.

He took to Instagram to thank his fans and loved ones for checking on him as he explained what happened.

“On Sunday, October 25th I laid my Mom to rest. It was by far and still is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Leading up to the day of the funeral I was physically involved in every aspect of the planning and execution.”

He continued:

“I kept telling myself, maybe if I remained active I will able to function. Unfortunately, when it came down to that very last moment, it hit me and hit me very hard. This would be the last time I would see my mom. despite the noise, the singing, the mourning, all I could hear was silence while watching my mom’s body being lowered into the tomb.”

He added:

“My heart broke and I blacked out for a few minutes. When I revived, I saw my closest friends and family around me.”

He went on to set the record straight that he did not go to the hospital.

“Unfortunately, that very intimate and sad moment was recorded and then circulated around the world with false statements. I was not hospitalized, I was comforted by friends and family. Please continue to pray for us as we heal and move forward.”

Original Story (Oct. 26th): Prayers are going out for Dancehall icon Beenie Man, who is reportedly in the hospital after fainting at his mother’s funeral.

A video of Beenie Man, real name Anthony Moses Davis, being carried out by four men during the funeral service surfaced on social media Monday (Oct. 26th).

His mother, Lilieth Sewell, reportedly passed away last month after having a stroke in July.

Beenie Man broke his silence on the passing shortly after with an Instagram video, thanking fans and fellow entertainers for their support during his tough time.

“…I do appreciate all of the condolences that you all send for me and my family. I do, I do, I do, I do love that. I know my family do appreciate it. To all my fans, thank you for sending all the condolences, especially to my coworkers, all the entertainers, really do appreciate you…”

He continued:

“We’re here trying to be strong… We got to be that person for all the family, to realize that our moms is in Heaven with the almighty Father that she prays to every day… My mother is a Christian, so she believes in Jesus Christ and Heaven and all these things. So she’s in Heaven with Jesus Christ right now. All we have to do is just pray for we to be stronger so we can move on with life and make sure we atke care of the family. “

He ended with:

“Thank you for loving my moms, thank you for showing respect to my moms, thank you for all your well wishes. Thank you very much.”

Prayers for Beenie Man’s recovery!

Authored by: Char Patterson